GSCA Pro is free software for generalized structured component analysis (GSCA), which is a component-based approach to structural equation modeling (SEM). This software provides a graphical user interface that allows users to easily express their model as a path diagram and view results. 

GSCA Pro 1.1 enables users to

  • conduct a single- or multiple-group analysis 

  • evaluate and compare overall and local model fit 

  • constrain parameters within a group or across groups

  • consider second-order components

  • analyze discrete indicators (nominal or ordinal)

  • include component interactions 

  • apply regularization (ridge or lasso) 

  • conduct a multilevel analysis 

  • consider components and factors simultaneously

  • conduct a mediation and conditional process analysis

  • handle missing observations

  • calculate descriptive statistics

GSCA Pro 1.1.png